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About Stratus

For more than 40 years, Stratus has provided high-availability, fault-tolerant computing to Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium-sized businesses. Stratus, zero-touch computing enables customers to securely and remotely run mission-critical applications without downtime at the data center and edge, turning data into actionable intelligence.

Stratus provides compute platforms that are:

  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Protected from threats and interruptions
  • Operates autonomously
Stratus® ztC Endurance™

Intelligent, predictive fault-tolerant computing

The Stratus® ztC Endurance™ platform enables IT and OT to run critical applications without downtime or data loss, using intelligent, predictive fault tolerance.

Our Product Lines

Stratus ztC Endurance™

Stratus ztC Endurance is Stratus’ new generation of computing platforms that deliver 99.99999% uptime using intelligent, predictive fault tolerance to support next-generation, sustainable operations.

Stratus ftServer®

Stratus ftServer is a fault tolerant computing platform uniquely engineered to run mission-critical applications in the data center, control room, or edge location without downtime or data loss.

Stratus ztC Edge™

Stratus ztC Edge is a zero-touch, secure, and highly automated Edge Computing platform, offering built-in application virtualization and fault tolerance in an easy-to-install, ruggedized design.

Stratus V Series

Stratus V Series systems offer unmatched availability, performance, and scalability for the most demanding high-volume transaction processing applications.

Stratus everRun®

Stratus everRun is a highly versatile, continuously available software solution that quickly and easily protects your virtualized workloads and data.


More than half of Fortune 100 companies

3/4 Largest U.S.
Credit Card Networks
5/10 World's
Largest Retailers
6/10 Top Global Food
& Beverage Companies
8/10 Largest Fortune
100 Energy Companies
4,000 Customers
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Stratus Compute Platforms

Stratus delivers the world’s most reliable compute platforms to run mission-critical applications at the data center and at the Edge.