At SGH, we power growth and expand possibilities by continually investing in our people, innovation and new opportunities. Our diverse lines of businesses deliver engineer-driven technology solutions that support and advance the world.

United By
Our Values

These principles guide how we show up
– for customers, investors and each other.

Operational System

The Operating System incorporates best practices to ensure our lines of business are always running at their best and are empowered to deliver for our customers consistently and efficiently.

Acquisition Model

We look for businesses that:

  • Compete in high-value specialty markets
  • Serve strategic customers and partners
  • Embody SGH corporate culture and values
  • Leverage our proven operating system
  • Create shareholder value

Our Global Footprint

Across high-performance computing, memory and LED lighting solutions, we manufacture and have sales operations around the world. This map highlights our headquarter offices, manufacturing sites, and lab locations.