Operational Impact

As a global technology holding company, we understand our ability to make a positive impact on our environment. We strive to protect the environment, conserve resources, and reduce our footprint on the planet in every way possible.

For more than two decades, SGH has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard as a part of our commitment to ensuring environmentally sustainable business practices to help minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

We diligently monitor our water and waste management, and consistently look for opportunities to reduce consumption and promote recycling and reuse. For example, at our Brazil facility, we have implemented closed-loop processes such as liquid cooling systems, in which the chillers recycle and reuse water, allowing the site to recycle more than 60% of the water it withdraws.

We think outside the box, constantly seeking out innovative solutions to reducing our hazardous waste by partnering with third parties to repurpose materials in solder waste, such as silicon.

Climate Action

We recognize the critical threat of climate change and commit to raising the bar on our sustainability initiatives. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have implemented programs to address our energy consumption and procurement.

As approximately 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are attributed to our electricity procurement, we focus on our energy management as a key part of our climate strategy. Through a number of energy-saving programs, SMART has managed to limit our carbon emissions, even with increasing business volume.

Over the last few years, we have been able to achieve many of the goals we set to reduce our emissions. In an effort to maintain our downward trend of carbon emissions, in 2021 we have committed to achieving a total of 75% renewable energy at our global operations by 2025.