Employee Engagement

We put people first, nurturing a culture that supercharges creativity and growth. Our employees are our most valued asset, and we understand the importance of investing in their development and advancement. We believe the best workplaces make employees feel inspired, engaged, valued and included. It is important to maintain open communication between leadership and employees, and we leverage all-employee meetings to share information, gain employee feedback and hear ideas on a quarterly basis.

Professional Development

Continuous growth requires continued investment in people, innovation and new opportunities. We are always improving upon our communications between employees and management teams to drive our company goals and enhance the employee experience. We aim to develop capable leadership that can meet the challenges of business growth while instilling a supportive and inclusive company culture.

We believe in a bottoms-up approach to improving our programs, in which employees are empowered to provide feedback to improve their working experience, and where their voices are met with openness and humility. We also provide employees with training on workplace culture and enrichment through our learning platform, which covers topics such as inclusion, human resources and people, and global ethics and compliance.

Diversity and inclusion

At SGH, we know that our diverse team brings valuable perspectives and backgrounds to our company, helping us to raise the bar and drive innovation forward. We take pride in celebrating the differences that make each of us unique and pause to appreciate the meaning behind those differences.

We are committed to providing employees with an inclusive and non-discriminatory work environment, which is outlined in our employee handbook. Through this policy, SGH articulates people-oriented and fair treatment principles in the recruitment, promotion, performance evaluation, compensation, training and retirement of all employees.

Health and Safety

It’s our responsibility to provide and maintain a safe work environment, as well as promote overall wellness among employees, and we work diligently to minimize employee exposure to potential safety hazards through risk assessments and controls. Periodic safety inspections performed by the Environmental Health and Safety team have been used to identify areas for improvement in safety and prevention.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made it a priority to ensure that our employees and their families are safe and healthy. As the virus spread, we quickly pivoted employees to working from home where possible and provided employees with paid time off to ensure that they were able to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Human Rights and Workforce

SGH upholds human rights in our business practices and understands our responsibility to help people prosper globally through our products, our services, and by ensuring we provide a workplace that promotes meaningful work and growth. We follow the RBA Code of Conduct and do not allow any forms of forced labor, child labor, or bonded labor.

We require all suppliers to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct to mitigate human rights violations. We also support the right to freedom of association. The percentage of global employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement was approximately 30% in 2020.