At SGH, we remain focused on our commitment to creating a sustainable future and making a difference in the world we all share.

Mark Adams

President & CEO

Environment, Social, And Governance Report

For more detail on our commitment, activities, and progress on critical ESG topics, please see our 2020 ESG Report.


We’re building a world that’s always advancing and we understand our ability to make a positive impact on our environment and our community. We recognize the critical threat of climate change and commit to raising the bar on our sustainability initiatives to deliver better products, more efficient operations, and added value for our customers.


We put people first, nurturing a culture that supercharges creativity and growth, in a workplace that makes employees feel inspired, engaged, valued and included. With a team-first mindset, we lift each other up and always seek different perspectives. We are always improving upon our transparent communications between employees and management teams to drive our company goals and improve the employee experience.


Our portfolio companies are helping enrich the quality of people’s lives in the local communities in which we operate. Our sites around the world engage locally to volunteer time and resources to fight hunger, poverty, and the impacts of the global pandemic.


We are committed to envisioning and implementing strategies for creating a sustainable world where our people, communities and the environment can thrive. We are focused on sustainable innovation, including protecting human health and the planet through responsible business practices.

Supply Chain

We’re always raising the bar to be trusted supply chain partners by holding ourselves and our suppliers accountable to the highest ethical standards. SGH upholds human rights and works to ensure that we can provide a workplace that supports dignity for everyone in our value chain.