Guided by our shared vision and company values of putting people first, acting with purpose, driving progress, and delivering results, we’ve built a momentum for sustainable impact throughout SGH.

Environment, Social, And Governance Report

For details on our commitment, activities, and progress on critical ESG topics, read our latest report.

To learn more about our continued focus on ESG, view our reports and disclosures.

Our Impact

We recognize the ongoing threat of climate change and are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact throughout our operations and value chain. This year, we expanded upon this dedication with our ambitious commitment to achieving net-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

We are proud to have achieved 38% renewable energy usage in our global operations, nearly double the percentage of the previous year.

We also invested $30,000 in carbon offsets to reduce our carbon footprint and invest in a sustainable economy.


At SGH, we act with purpose and aim for impact. Doing the right thing and caring for the world we live in is a part of who we are. These five areas of focus help guide our actions, goals, and programs for a more sustainable future for our employees, customers, suppliers, and the world around us.

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We are building a world that’s always advancing and are committed to building it with sustainability in mind. We recognize the risks that climate change brings and understand our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact through our products, operations and throughout the value chain.

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We put people first, building a culture that ignites creativity and supports growth, in a workplace that makes employees feel inspired, engaged, valued and included. Through our commitment to investing in our people, we bring them new opportunities to learn and grow within and beyond their roles at SGH.

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Throughout each of our business lines, we help enrich the quality of people’s lives in the local communities where we operate. We do this through employee donation matching, direct corporate giving, and employee volunteer activities.

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We value our role as trusted business partners and are committed to creating a sustainable world. We are focused on sustainable innovation, including protecting human health and the planet through responsible business practices, and the highest conduct of ethics.

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Supply Chain

We strive to maintain a sustainable supply chain that demonstrates the highest environmental and social standards. We respect, include and support one another, and work to ensure that we can provide a workplace that supports dignity for everyone in our value chain.