Cree LED offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of application-optimized LEDs that lead the industry in lumen density, intensity, efficacy, optical control and reliability, backed by expert design assistance and superior sales support.


Roots of Innovation

Founded in 1987, Cree LED began as a start-up, a group out of North Carolina State University exploring the uses of silicon carbide as a foundational technology.

Throughout the 1990’s, Cree further refined LEDs based on silicon carbide and became a leader in the LED die industry.

In 2006, Cree launched the industry’s first lighting-class LED, the XLamp XR-E LED. Designed specifically for its ability to deliver bright, consistent and efficient light, this breakthrough product launched the LED Lighting Revolution.

The Path Forward

Our unwavering commitment to superior LED technology, reliability, innovation, support, and service remains steadfast.

The same teams that bring years of Cree LED experience are newly energized to help our customers continuously improve their LED-based products and develop new applications.


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